Age fields

Cadet 9

  • For persons between 6-7 can only practice, for persons between 7-9 may only compete after completing OLT

Cadet 12

  • Minimum age for this class is 9 years (the year that you turn 9 yrs.) and maximum age 12 year old (end of your 12th age year)


  • Minimum age is the year of 12th birthday and maximum age is the end of your 15th year.


  • Age is the year of 15th birthday and has no age limit


  • Minimum is 15 years and has no age limit

Mechanic & Pit Crew

  • Minimum age is 16 years, this is NOT a competition licence. This licence is also mandatory for grid entrance.

General Rules

  • For applying for new licence you must be a member of a club and must start at D or E grade.
  • D grade licences must have “P” plates on for 4 meeting, E grade must also display “P” plates but E grade can only be used once for a meeting and unlimited for practice before upgrading (terms for other categories may be different).
  • The type of licence dictates what classes you can compete in.
  • For upgrading licences is free but renewal is paid annually
  • prior competing a meeting first have to complete observed licence test (OLT) and safety training assessment

How to apply for a KA (Karting Australian)

  1. Go to KA website
  2. Go to Licences and Entries then New Licence Application.
  3. Fill in the prompts
  4. select the preferred class e.g. KA3
  5. Select the type of licence e.g. Senior
  6. Select “Tamworth Kart Racing Club”
  7. Attach photo e.g. Passport
  8. Select the applicable conditions then click the “Next” button.
  9. Complete the Medical Declaration page then click “Next” button
  10. Print out the final page “Apply for Competition Licence” which contains the application reference number

Documentation need (given to Membership Renewals Cathy Patterson)

  • Application with reference number, signed by applicant – If under 18, a parent will need to sign
  • Photo (like a passport) if not supplied via on-line application.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if under 18) or Drivers Licence (if Over 18).
  • Payment (credit card, direct deposit,
  • Club membership form. TKRC Club Membership Form 2014  Click to Open All membership enquiries please email:
  • When this is done, the application can be processed and approved by Karting NSW