The history of the Tamworth Kart Racing Club starting back in 1961 with the first meeting held at the Albert hotel, the first track was built at Victoria Park. In 1965 the club hosted its first major event, a New Zealand test team versing local talent the Patterson brothers. Then 1974 the Gunnedah Club and Tamworth Club joined forces to ramp up the venue at Victoria Park with materials and resealing of the track. In 1988 Tamworth held a very successful NSW state titles. Then in 1992 the club was a part of the Tamworth Motor Sports Committee and held a karting Grand Prix on the streets of Taminda industrial area, this event had great success with 10,000 people and 270 entrants over 2 days. This help fund a new complex at Oakburn Park, the last race held at Victoria Park was on 18th April 1993.

The First meeting held at Oakburn Park was on 20th June 1993, with Tamworth hosting the first national titles which were the first one outside of Metropolitan area, on the 6th – 8th of October 1995 with 258 entries with successful drivers of today’s V8 supercar series  competing at the event like Mark Winterbottom, James Courtney, Alex and Will Davison, Michael Caruso and many more.

The Club has hosted other major events like State Titles, Premiere State Cup, Toyota Cup, and in 2010 Tamworth hosted NSW Open Kart Championships with 284 entrants to add to the rich history of Tamworth Kart Racing Club. Now the club has two big meetings a year with the Brian Higginbotham started in 2000 and Alan Cox Cup which started in 1988.

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